Pawsome Benefits of a Dog Hotel

No matter how much you love your furry friends you can’t always take them everywhere you go, you may be going abroad on holiday and your pooch must stay behind. Where you leave them? They can’t stay at home on their own, they can’t look after themselves. You are going away with your family, so you can’t ask them. The old lady next door can hardly look after herself let alone a dog. What do you do? This is where a Dog Hotel comes in, lavish accommodation for your furry friends. They offer a comforting environment, supervision by trained employees and interaction with other dogs. We have compiled a list of Pawsome benefits of a dog hotel;

Nutritious Meals

Pet hotels can take care of dogs with health problems and special food requirements, cooking the meals to the dog’s specific needs. They offer dogs with high-quality food throughout the day, as well as offering them with snacks and treats. Only the best for your furry friends.

Daily Walks and Playtime

You don’t need to worry about your dog not getting enough exercise because dog hotels take each dog on individual walks ranging between 20 minutes – 1 hour. The walkers are fully experienced and trained to walk your dogs and to be able to handle every occasion. Some hotels even walk dogs twice a day. Instead of keeping your pets cooped up all day long, they let the dogs run free (with supervision) around the gardens and if you opt-in, they will allow friendly dogs to play with each other. However, this comes with a lot of responsibility, if your dog acts out and harms other dogs there will be some angry dog owners.

Baths and Grooming

Most dog hotels offer an additional service which they will bathe & groom your dogs. These also include nail cutting, brushing, and many other hygienic necessities. If you want your dog to look their best when you get home, you can book appointments to make sure that happens. Time-saving and money saving.

Close Supervision

You can rest assured that your dog is being looked after and supervised by qualified and fully trained staff, they make sure that they are comfortable 24/7. They also keep an eye out on your dog’s behaviour to make sure they are happy and behaving well. If they are worried about certain dogs getting on badly, they will swiftly make sure they are kept apart to reduce the risk of accidents.

Medical Care

If your dog must take medication at allocated times, they provide a high-quality service to make sure your dogs are receiving that medication on time correctly. If a tragic accident was to happen, they either have a qualified vet on site or have 24-hour vets nearby to ensure your dogs are fully looked after.


You can sleep in peace knowing your dog is provided with the comfiest beds and relaxation areas, making sure your dogs are comfy at all times, a priority that dog hotels take care in.

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