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Will Your Dog Miss You When You Go On Holiday?

Your dog is part of your family. This makes it difficult to leave them if you go on holiday as you might feel that they deserve to be part of the fun too, and may resent you for leaving. For this reason, putting your dog in a kennel can be a hard decision to make.

Some dogs get upset even if you leave your home for a few hours without them, so it’s difficult to imagine how they feel if you leave for two weeks while you go away.

Will Your Dog Miss You When You Go On Holiday?

Your dog will naturally miss you when you go on holiday. They are one of the few pets that are capable of feeling love in the same way as humans. They also feel it’s their job to protect you and their anxiety levels can rise when you’re not around as their sense of purpose disappears.

Routine is important for dogs. You may go out for a walk in the morning before breakfast and in the evening at a similar time. Confusion is caused if you go away and their routine is altered.

Although your dog will miss you, you can soften the blow by leaving them with a reputable boarding facility that is dog focused and understands their feelings, giving the best care to make them feel that they are at a home away from home.

Hunter’s Lodge specialises in making your dog feel comfortable while you’re away, giving them a mini holiday all of their own. They take care and consideration of your dog’s needs depending on the breed, and your dog will get to spend time with other dogs having fun, taking their mind off your absence.

What Will My Dog Think Whilst I’m Not There?

It’s impossible to understand how a dog feels when you’re not there but it’s clear that they do behave differently in the absence of their owner. This might make putting your dog in a kennel more difficult.

Evidence suggests that the behavioural change is due to their altered routine and anxiety. Your dog does love you and associates you with their current lifestyle. You provide food, exercise and a warm, loving home, in return, they provide protection (or so they think). Their routine will be disrupted and they may become anxious because you’re not there. They may even panic, wondering where their next meal is coming from.

Just like people this anxiety is reduced if they have their mind on other things. The opportunity to play with other dogs, have a large space to run around and generally have a good time will make them feel better about missing you.

Hunter’s Lodge works hard to understand a dog’s behaviour, take into account their past and their current living situation and specifically cater to their needs to make sure they have a great time while you’re away. If you’re going on holiday and you’re worried about your beloved pooch, speak to the friendly and knowledgeable Hunter’s Lodge team today to discuss your dog’s requirements, lifestyle and feeding arrangements. Give yourself peace of mind and relax on holiday by leaving your dog with people who put your dog’s needs first.