Feeding puppy

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Puppies are bundles of joy with oodles of energy, but how can you make sure they stay happy and healthy throughout puppy-hood and into their young adult life? The right food and the right quantity of food can go a long way to supporting your pooch, and their immune system, giving them the energy they need to keep playing, learning and growing.


Your dog’s breed will determine its size. When choosing food for your pup, consider their size and how much food they will need to maintain a healthy weight. Smaller dogs will need smaller food particles to enjoy and digest.


Your dog’s weight will have an impact on the amount of food you should give them. An overweight dog will need to consume fewer calories so they are in a calorie deficit until their weight becomes controlled. An underweight dog will need to be provided with the right portions to ensure weight can be gained in a safe, controlled and healthy way.

Activity Level

It will come as no surprise that active dogs will need more calories than less active dogs in order to maintain overall health and weight. A well-balanced diet is key to keeping your dog feeling and looking their best, so be sure to take into consideration their lifestyle and nature when considering the type of food you give them and how much.


A dog’s dietary requirements can change with age. It is important to note that because every dog will have a different lifespan, there is no set age at which a dog is considered senior. If your dog is now considered senior for their breed, you will want to choose a food that can support them with areas that may naturally cause issues for dogs as they grow older – such as their joints.

Best time of the Day to Feed a Puppy

If you feed your puppy three times a day, you can easily spread these meals out between morning, lunch and dinner time. Consistent feed times will get your pup into a routine, and prevent them from becoming too hungry.

Hunters Lodge

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