Brand New Exclusive VIP Rooms

Welcome to Our Brand New Exclusive VIP Rooms:

  • Let your dog experience luxury and comfort in our newly built VIP accommodation, available in only two exclusive rooms.
  • Offer a secluded retreat separate from the main kennels, providing a serene environment conducive to relaxation.
  • Ensure eco-friendly comfort with the state-of-the-art heating and cooling system.
  • TVs in our VIP Rooms, provide a familiar ambience and extra luxury.
  • Full-day attentive care for your pet, ensuring a personalised experience throughout their stay.
  • Your pet’s wellbeing is our priority with prompt veterinary care available during their stay.
VIP Kennel

Incredibly helpful, excellent service at short notice, trusted and extremely experienced people. I would not hesitate to take my dogs there again!

L Panter

Explore the Luxury of VIP Dog Rooms at Hunters Lodge

We continuously strive to elevate the experience of little furry friends, prioritising their comfort above all else. We pride ourselves on what we believe to be one of the most serene kennels in the country, with now two exclusive VIP Rooms available!

Each is accompanied by expansive outdoor runs and full-day care ensuring your pet’s every need is met. Our VIP Rooms are well maintained to provide the best comfort, with temperature-controlled environments, constant access to fresh water, and plush bedding including vet beds.

Additionally, each room is equipped with a television to provide a soothing ambience reminiscent of their home. We welcome you to enhance your pet’s stay by bringing their toys, snacks or bed to ensure they feel right at home.

What This Means For Your Dog?

  • Your furry friend will receive complete care and attention every day, tailored to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring they feel like VIPs throughout their stay.
  • Your dog will enjoy the luxurious comfort within our environmentally controlled surroundings with regular, safe exercises, regardless of the weather conditions, thanks to our eco-friendly air source heating and cooling system.
  • Relaxation is guaranteed as you know your dog is happy and comfortable in our VIP Rooms. We provide regular updates with photos of their stay, allowing you to stay connected and reassured while you’re away.
  • Enjoy the utmost convenience with our pick-up and delivery services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both you and your fluffy friend.
  • Apart from the luxurious treatment, if your dog requires a special diet, medication or any other specific requirements, rest assured that our dedicated team will cater to their unique needs in our exclusive VIP Rooms.
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What vaccinations are required for my pet to stay in the VIP Rooms?

Before boarding, pets are required to be fully vaccinated. Please bring along the vaccination certificate as proof of immunisation for peace of mind for both you and our team. There are no additional vaccinations are required.

How often will my pet receive playtime while staying in the VIP Rooms?

Pets staying in the VIP Rooms receive full daycare with daycare guests every day, ensuring they get plenty of exercise and socialisation.

How do I contact the kennel staff at Hunters Lodge for updates on my pet’s stay?

You can contact our kennel staff at Hunters Lodge for updates on your pet’s stay by calling us at 01604 870 330 or emailing us at or message or Facebook page!

Are there any fees associated with cancelling a reservation?

Please see our booking terms

Are there any specific visiting hours or protocols to visit my pet?

Please check out our opening times here contact page

Are there any additional charges for early drop-off or late pick-up of pets from the kennels?

Yes, there may be additional charges for early drop-off or late pick-up of pets from the kennels. Please inquire about our fees for these services.

Do you accommodate pets with special needs or medical requirements in VIP Rooms?

We only accept pets with standard medications – we do not accept pets with any life-threatening ailments such as Seizures or Diabetes.

Are there any restrictions on the size, breed, or age of pets that can stay in the VIP Rooms?

We require VIP pets to be fit and well. They will also need to be of a suitable temperament to mix with our daycare groups. If you want to book a VIP room for a pet who is not suitable for daycare or mixing, please contact us to discuss.

Are there any restrictions on the types of toys or treats I can bring for my pet during their stay?

We do not allow rawhide chews or cooked beef bones with our guests or any treat which could pose a choking hazard. Anything is of course welcome!

Is there any additional fee if I pick up my pet outside regular opening hours?

This may be applicable, but collection outside of normal opening hours is generally not possible.

How do I book the VIP Rooms?

The VIP Rooms are not available on our online booking system, please visit our branch in Northampton to make an enquiry or booking. For further details, please email us at to know more information on VIP Rooms or other services offered at Hunters Lodge.


If you are bringing your pet for boarding please read the following information

Contact us to book your pet the exclusive VIP Rooms in advance. This ensures the availability and makes all the necessary arrangements for your pet’s stay and VIP treatment.

Before boarding, pet owners are required to ensure that their pet is fully vaccinated. It is essential to bring along the vaccination certificate as proof of immunisation, providing peace of mind for both you and our team.

For your VIP pets new to our facility, we encourage a pre-visit to familiarise them with our exclusive environment. You can drop by to explore our exclusive VIP Rooms at Hunters Lodge during our open visiting hours, Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:45 am, an appointment with the owner is required to view the VIP Rooms. This introductory visit helps alleviate any apprehension your fluffy friend may have during their stay.

In addition to the exceptional care provided to your dogs through the VIP package, we offer a range of premium services tailored to enhance the comfort of your pets. With only two exclusive VIP Rooms available, we suggest booking your dog one as soon and they are available, at just £50 per day for a single dog or £75 per day for two dogs.

Please note that bookings for our VIP Rooms are not available online. Please visit our local branch in Northampton to make reservations for our exclusive VIP Rooms. These are handled only in person at the Hunters Lodge branch. For further details, please email us at to know more information on VIP Rooms or other services offered at Hunters Lodge.