Owner Exercising Golden Retriever By Throwing Ball

How Much Exercise Do Dogs Need?

Lots of people who own a dog often wonder what amount of exercise is right for them. Exercise isn’t something that only keeps your dog fit and healthy, it also contributes to how your dog will behave. Exercises for dogs shouldn’t be considered as a nicety. It is very crucial in maintaining the physical and mental health of a dog at an optimum level. When dogs suffer from obesity, they tend not to enjoy most of the physical activity, and it reduces their speed and stamina. Therefore, it is important for dogs to exercise. These exercises should be offered in the right amounts so that they can be beneficial to the dogs’ well-being. There are several factors that can be used to determine the amount of exercise a dog requires. One of these factors is the age of the dog. These are the amounts of exercise that a dog needs depending on their age;


Puppies need adequate playtime in the outdoors as well as potty time to help them grow their bodies and bladders. The exercises should be given as a rule of thumb. This refers to a ratio of five minutes of exercise per each month of the puppy’s age, gradually increasing over time.

Adult dogs

These dogs do not require too much attention as the puppies. However, they still need half an hour to an hour of exercising in a day.

adult dog on a walk

Senior dogs

When the dogs get old, they are not able to maintain the same pace of exercise as before. However, regular walks should be maintained in a senior dog’s life, but they should be taken at short distances and at a pace that is much slower. Swimming can also be considered for senior dogs. This will help them to stay active without much stress on their bones.

Make your dog work for their food

Sniff out the treats – dogs have a great sense of smell and this can be a really fun game for them.

Jumping for treats and food – for bigger more energetic dogs you could use a plastic hula hoop upright and get your dog to walk through it slowly raising the hoop slightly off the ground and when the dog jumps give them a reward. This is also a really great way to train your dog.

Even if you are too busy or not able to go home during the day to let your dog out for fresh air and a toilet break, you could consider providing exercise to your dog by hiring the help of doggie day-care. This is a great alternative as they will get to socialise and meet new dogs as well as getting the right amount of exercise.

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