Dog Check up

Health Check for Pets Before Boarding a Kennel

Pets are just like humans, they deserve to be in good health in order to stay in a positive mood and live a long and happy life. With infection or poor health issues, pets are likely to become poor companions capable of not only spreading their illness to their owners or caretaker but also to other pets. Therefore, the idea of checking pets regularly, more so before they are left behind in boarding kennels by their owners, will ensure that their health can be monitored at the kennels and appropriate care can be given to them.

Regular Check-Ups are Essential

Generally, regular check-ups for pets allow their owners to constantly observe the health conditions of their pets. A pet’s health can be displayed through bodily manifestations such as through their fur coats, the wetness of their noses, their body alertness and through their mouths. 

Often a pet’s illness will be shown when the fur coats are dull and appear sticky, also when their noses are less moistened and when they are generally withdrawn. A pet who suffers from certain health conditions may not only get ill & potentially die prematurely but is also likely to pass on its contagions or infections to others.

Dog Health Check

Have Your Pet Health Check Before Using the Kennel

At boarding kennels, some pets, especially dogs like to interact and play with each other. This could put most of the pets in such boarding facilities at the risk of being infected from other pets that are unwell. This explains why it is advisable to check your own pet for possible signs of illnesses before leaving them in boarding kennels. If pets are ill or infected, it would be advisable for them to be separated from the group of healthy pets and specialised care will be required to help them recover back to their healthy pet life.

Most kennels will have a policy that pets such as dogs that are in their care are required to have vaccinations, such as canine distemper, rabies and bordetella at least 7 days before boarding kennel. You should check with the kennel before you book your pet boarding sessions in case of disappointment as the kennel may refuse to have your pet without the vaccinations. 

Most reputable kennels will give your pet a quick health check and complete all the paperwork requirements, this is to ensure that they get to know your pets, their habits and their preferences to make sure their stay is relaxed and comfortable, and you as the owner of the pet can have a piece of mind knowing that your pet will be well taken care of.

In Summary

Overall, animals should be given regular health check-ups to ensure that any illness is detected early and that suitable remedial assistance is provided prior to the deterioration of your pet. When this happens, pets have a better chance of staying healthy and there is a possibility of avoiding the spread of infection to other pets, their owners or caregivers. 

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