Two Beagle dogs playing

The Importance of Play for Dogs

The idea of bringing a new puppy or dog into your life is exciting. Being able to have a new companion to cuddle with, walk with and especially play with is something all animal lovers will enjoy. Play especially is often seen as something that is fun and nothing more, but it is in fact crucial to your furry friend. The importance of play for dogs holds many benefits for your pet such as promoting healthy physical and mental development, stengthening your bond and much more.

Physical Exercise

The importance of play for dogs is huge. Keeping your dog physically active is key to helping them maintain physical health. It keeps their muscles active, and heart pumping stronger and longer throughout their life. The exercise they get in their early years can impact them all the way to their elderly years.

Provides Good Mental Stimulation

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals, and that means they need a lot of play to stimulate their brains! Play engages with all of your dog’s senses, making them work and think much harder than they otherwise would. Play helps a young puppy learn more about the world. For an elderly dog, play can help keep their ageing minds occupied and prevent boredom, which is even more important as their body starts to slow down.

dogs running with tennis ball in mouth

The Importance of Play for Dogs and Owner

No person can deny that playing with your dog isn’t fun, and your dog wouldn’t deny it either! Just like us dogs don’t like being bored. One of the worst things for a dog is to experience boredom, and play is the only preventative. They will entertain themselves with anything they can get their paws on. Supplying them with toys, balls or puzzle feeders is a sure way to stop them from taking their frustrations out on your furniture.

It Improves The Bond Between Owner And Dog

When we bring a dog into our lives, we do this with the intent of having a new best friend. The importance of play can’t be argued when it comes to building a bond with a new dog. Whether it’s a new puppy, or an older rescue, play is the best way to build a bond. It will help them learn about you, and you learn about them. This will allow them to adapt to their position in their new ‘pack’ and help them feel safer.

It Improves Relationships Between Other Dogs

Dogs are highly social animals, and love to spend time with each other as well as humans. Play is an innate part of their social life, it‘s the main way for them to interact and learn about other dogs. Socialising your dog at any age is important, but especially for a puppy who is still new to the world! Playing with other dogs while they’re young is vital for them to learn social cues and boundaries. Being an expert at social cues also gives them the ability to keep themselves safe from un-friendly dogs, as they will be able to learn what a good, or bad play partner looks like.

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