Cat Boarding Northampton

At Hunters Lodge, we believe a boarding cattery should be your cat’s second favourite place in the world, only behind your home. Our team is dedicated to providing your cats with a comfortable temporary cat hotel to stay in, a home away from home for your four-legged feline friends.

Hunters Lodge is in an ideal location, in the middle of 20 acres of beautiful, peaceful countryside perfect for all our pet guests to play across. We provide services throughout the whole of Northamptonshire and our playing fields and grounds are a short drive from  Northampton.

Our cat boarding services are based in the Buckinghamshire countryside under 10 miles from Northampton, a town with a history Hunters Lodge are proud to be a part of. Our luxury cattery has offered a comfortable and safe place for many cats from Northampton to stay. But what makes our cattery stand out from other cat boarding services?

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Boarding Cattery Near Me

At Hunters Lodge, we offer fully licenced pet boarding for both your dog and cat furry friends. So, if you’re looking for cat boarding near your home in Northampton we can help and here’s why:

We Love Animals Too

We understand that leaving your cat in someone else’s care is more than dropping off a pet at a kennel or cat hotel. You’re trusting us with someone you love. At Hunters Lodge, everyone caring for your cat will show them all the love, care, and attention you want your feline friend to get.

Comfy Rooms

We want all our cats to be comfy as well as secure and safe when they visit our cattery in Northampton. We offer large double heated rooms for all our pet visitors and all our rooms have cosy beds to make sure your cat feels pampered. Because as we all know, pampered cats are happy cats.

Exciting Play Areas

As a cattery we want each of our visitors to get the one on one attention they would from you at home. That is why we have spacious exercise areas where your cat can stretch their legs. As well as play and have fun!

Cat Boarding For Cats of Northampton

Hunters Lodge is a place for your cat to stay while you’re away. As much as we all want to take our pets with us on our holidays, sometimes this isn’t possible. Or maybe you want a well-earned break from looking after your cat. For total peace of mind over your cat’s safety and happiness, we’re here to help.


When you drop your cat off at Hunters Lodge, you can rest assured that they will have the time of their lives while you have a great time away. You don’t have to worry about your cat’s food or comfort, we will provide them with all the care and attention they deserve. From individual dietary requirements to one to one playtime, our team will provide everything your cat needs.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose Hunters Lodge cat hotel:

  • Individual Chalet Style Rooms
  • Thermostatic Heated Sleeping Areas
  • Comfy Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
  • Your Cat’s Own Private Garden

Information for First Time Visitors

It’s important that if you’re bringing your cat to Hunters Lodge for the first time you read the following:


Step 1 – Call us or book online to book your cat into our cat boarding cattery.


Step 2 – Ensure your pet is vaccinated fully.


Step 3 – When you drop off your cat, please bring the vaccination certificates with you.

What Makes our Cattery Stand Out from the Rest?

We go the extra mile to make sure your cat is happy and that you’re happy as well. If you have any specific requests, let one of our fully qualified and friendly team members know. We treat each cat that visits us as an individual and they receive the personal care and attention they need and deserve.

We understand that if you and your cat have never been apart, trusting them in someone else’s care can be tough. That’s why we encourage you to come and visit us before booking your cat in for a stay. This is a great opportunity for you and your cat to see the Lodge and all our amazing facilities and meet our caring staff.

You don’t even have to call ahead and make an appointment. Please feel free to drop in anytime during our opening hours below:

Monday to Saturday

Open 09.30 – 13.00

Closed 13.00 – 14.30

Open 14.30 – 17.00


Open 09.30 – 13.00

Closed 13.00 – 14.30

Open 14.30 – 16.00


One of our friendly and attentive team will be happy to show you and your cat around all our cat boarding services. You and your pet will see exactly where they’ll be staying, and you can also discuss any individual requirements your cat has. This is a great way to give yourself peace of mind that Hunters Lodge is the right place for your cat to stay while you’re away.

So, don’t miss out, your cat will have an amazing time just get in contact with us today!

Book Cat Boarding in Northampton Today

If you are looking for a safe, comfy and fun place for your cat to stay near Northampton give us a call on 01604 870330 today or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page today.