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  • Dog eating grass

    Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

    Every so often you may notice that your dog has decided to become a living, breathing lawnmower. Eating up sections of grass from your garden. This not only happens at home but also happens in kennels too. Technically, the feeding of dogs on grass is known as pica. This is the case where an animal feeds on what isn’t characterised as food to them.

  • Common cat diseases

    5 Common Diseases to Look Out for in Cats

    Having the ability to identify the signs and symptoms of the most common cat diseases is vital for a cat owner. This knowledge helps you to seek the services of a veterinary doctor whenever it may be necessary and in a timely manner. As such the lives of your feline friend won’t be in jeopardy in case they contract any of these common diseases that the cats usually suffer from.

  • Sleeping cat

    Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

    The amount of time spent by cats while sleeping is almost twice that of us, assuming that we sleep for between 6 to 8 hours a day. They often sleep for an average of 15 hours in 24 hours. Therefore, broadly speaking, they sleep for two-thirds of their lifetime. The question remains whether they sleep deeply throughout all this period or not. The thing is; they don’t just plainly sleep.

  • Dog eating a snack

    What Should I Feed My Dog?

    Knowing what’s best for your dog has and still is becoming increasingly difficult to know due to so many types and brands of dog food available today. There has been an evolution of the nutritional needs of the pets both in the wild and natural environment. This is why you should ensure that what you feed your dog has everything available in the natural diet.