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Keeping Your Dog Cosy In Kennels: Concerns About Cold Weather in Boarding Kennels

Lots of people wonder, “Will my dog get cold in a kennel?” When it comes to entrusting your furry friend to the care of a boarding kennel it’s only natural to have questions about their well-being, especially as colder weather sets in. Let’s explore the considerations and measures that reputable boarding facilities take to make sure your dog is comfy and cosy, even when the temperature drops.

Understanding the Standards of Boarding Kennels

Reputable boarding kennels prioritise the health and happiness of the pets in their care. They are well aware of the diverse needs of different breeds, sizes and ages of the dogs and tailor their care to each dog’s requirements. They make every effort to provide a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather conditions. This can include lots of provisions such as;

Climate-Controlled Facilities

Many modern boarding kennels are equipped with climate control systems to keep a comfortable temperature throughout the year. These systems are designed to keep the indoor environment within a range that is safe and pleasant for dogs. This means that your dog will be kept at a comfortable temperature for them. Provisions like under-floor heating are found in state-of-the-art kennels, to really make your pup comfortable during their stay. 

Individual Care Plans

Boarding facilities often develop individual care plans for each dog, taking into consideration their breed, size and tolerance to different temperatures. Whether your dog is a Siberian Husky built for colder climates or a Chihuahua more sensitive to the cold, the staff at reputable boarding kennels will tailor their care to meet the needs of each guest.

Providing Cosy Bedding

Just like at home, proper bedding is crucial for a dog’s comfort in a boarding kennel. Lots of facilities offer cosy blankets or beds to make sure that dogs have a warm and comfortable place to rest. These accommodations help insulate your pet from the kennel floor and contribute to a snug and cosy space for them. Moulded dog beds and VetBed bedding can be a great combination to keep your pup comfy. 

Regular Monitoring and Adjustments

Boarding kennel staff are trained to monitor the well-being of all dogs in their care. This includes paying attention to signs of discomfort due to temperature changes. If a dog appears too warm or too cold, staff can make adjustments to the kennel environment, such as adjusting the temperature or providing extra bedding. Ask your kennel about what changes they make if they see your dog getting too warm or cold. 

Outdoor Time Considerations

While outdoor play and exercise are essential for your dog, good boarding kennels take care to make sure that dogs aren’t exposed to extreme weather for prolonged periods. Scheduled outdoor activities are usually balanced with indoor time to protect dogs from bad weather.

Customer Communication and Transparency

If you have any worries about your dog’s tolerance to cold weather or specific needs, it’s crucial to talk to the boarding kennel staff. Reputable facilities value open communication with owners and will make every effort to address your concerns and accommodate your dog’s unique requirements. 

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