Professional Dog Grooming in Northampton

Bath and Groom only

While your pet stays with us in our kennels or cattery they will live a life of luxury.

Your pet is bathed using one of a range of proprietary shampoos and conditioners.
If necessary, nails are trimmed. Ears are cleaned, hair removed and anal glands evacuated.

Prices start from:

Short Haired Dogs
Small – £18 (inc. VAT) / Medium – £24 (inc. VAT) / Large – £42 (inc. VAT)

Long Haired Dogs
Small – £30 (inc. VAT) / Medium – £42 (inc. VAT) / Large – £60 (inc. VAT) / X Large – £72 (inc. VAT)

Dog grooming

Richard and Yvonne always go that extra mile, thanks for all your help and care with Conn & Dara

Lin Perry

Dog in bath

Bathe and Clip

Everything you get with “bath” above, plus a careful trim to give your pet a great finish.

Prices start from:

Small – £42 (inc. VAT)
Medium – £48 (inc. VAT)
Large – £54 (inc. VAT)
Extra Large £72 (inc. VAT)

Hand Strip

This is a specialised service for wire haired dogs, e.g. Airedale Terriers, Wire Haired Fox Terriers, West Highland White Terriers. Includes nails, ears and anal glands.

Prices start from:

Small – £48 (inc. VAT)
Medium – £54 (inc. VAT)

Dog with sunflowers
Professional dog nail clipping

Nails Only

If your pet’s nails just need a trim then we can do that, normally while you wait, though it’s best to phone first.

Prices start from £6 (inc. VAT)

Regular grooming and care makes it easier to maintain a workable coat. Dogs with matted coats – which take longer to groom will be charged extra @ £5 per 1/4 hour

Hunters Lodge has been providing a high quality professional grooming service for Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes for 35 years.