Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

The amount of time spent by cats while sleeping is almost twice that of us, assuming that we sleep for between 6 to 8 hours a day. They often sleep for an average of 15 hours in 24 hours. Therefore, broadly speaking, they sleep for two-thirds of their lifetime. The question remains whether they sleep deeply throughout all this period or not. The thing is; they don’t just plainly sleep. There’s an aspect of health attached to the sleeping patterns of the felines. However, there are times they’ll just sleep because they’re bored but most of the time, they actually need the sleep. The time during which cats sleep is unique to every cat. One thing we know for sure is that they are often more active at dawn and dusk. So, this gives a vague picture that they’ll often be resting for the rest of the day and become more active at twilight.

Reasons why the Felines Sleep so much

1. To conserve energy

Unlike other pets you may be having at home which will forage for grains and grasses, cats are entirely predators. So, they have to set out like other predators to go and work and feed. The moment they notice a prey, they will immediately start to stealth as they itch towards the prey. This means that they need very intensive yet short bursts which are quite energy-consuming. Because of this, they need a lot of energy. Sleeping a lot is necessary for the conservation of energy for hunting their prey because they have to make several attempts before they finally get meals.

2. Just Taking a Nap

If you just brought a kitten home, you’re likely to wonder why it sleeps so much during the day but becomes very active at night. When it reaches nightfall, your new kitten will be quite explorative and will often cause chaos while you are deeply asleep. However, the moment you’ve fed them breakfast, they will begin taking their nap and will go on until dark.

3. They Don’t Sleep Deeply for Long Periods

Just like us, the cats will either have a deep sleep or doze in light sleep. Dozing in light sleep will last between a quarter and half an hour. During this time they position their bodies in a manner to allow them to spring up in action as quickly as possible.

During the deep sleep, however, they experience quick movements of the brain. This will last for around 5 minutes before they go back to dozing. Older cats and kittens often sleep more than the those in the average age.

4. They are Affect by Weather

Weather affects most living things, from human beings to cats to plants. Based on the varied weather conditions, the behaviour of the cat is likely to vary greatly. Each one also has a different pattern of sleep because of state of health, age, temperament as well as breed. However, despite all these factors, they will often sleep when the weather dictates. So, when it’s cold or rainy, the cat will feel sleepy, the same way we would.


Sleeping cat


The sleeping pattern of cats makes them a good option for pets as they won’t require as much attention. This is the main reason why most people prefer them over other pets. Therefore, don’t get worried when you realise that the cat sleeps too much. It’s very necessary and natural, that is why we aim to make sure our cattery is as comfortable and welcoming for every cat we look after.