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  • Dog under a blanket

    Using a Kennel With a Scared Dog 

    In the world of pet ownership, it’s important to consider the well-being and safety of all dogs, including those who may be scared or anxious. While dog kennels are commonly associated with boarding facilities or day care centres, they can also serve as a supportive environment for dogs in need of extra care and attention.…

  • Long Haired Cat

    Putting Your Cat In a Cattery: Everything You Need to Know

    Putting your cat in a cattery There are many reasons why you may need to put your cat into a cattery – the most common is going on holiday. Whilst holidays are an exciting time for you, your cat may not share that same excitement when you drop them off. Cats are creatures of habit,…

  • Feeding puppy

    How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

    Puppies are bundles of joy with oodles of energy, but how can you make sure they stay happy and healthy throughout puppy-hood and into their young adult life? The right food and the right quantity of food can go a long way to supporting your pooch, and their immune system, giving them the energy they…

  • group of kittens

    Why do cats need to be vaccinated to go to a cattery?

    As a cat owner, you want to do the best for your cat, and part of looking after them is making sure they’re up to date with their vaccinations. Although cats are fairly low-maintenance pets to look after, you may need the help of a cattery to look after them, should you be going away…

  • What are the signs of heat exhaustion in dogs?

    As we enter the sunnier months, we need to look out for our pets as well as enjoying the heat ourselves. Heat exhaustion can be extremely dangerous for dogs, so it is important to recognize the signs in our pets to prevent and treat it as quickly as possible. Dog owners must think ahead as…

  • Doggy Day Care

    How Does Doggy Day Care Work?

    If you’re planning a trip away and your four-legged comparison won’t be joining for the adventure, you need to know that they will be lovingly looked after in your absence

  • dog waiting for food

    What Human Food Shouldn’t Be Used As Food For Puppies?

    It can be tempting to treat your dog a little too much, just because of their cute puppy dog eyes when you’re eating. But it’s important to remember that dogs shouldn’t eat the foods that people eat as it could make them ill. Dogs need a healthy and balanced diet, which doesn’t include several foods…

  • dogs running with tennis ball in mouth

    5 Reasons To Send Your Dog To A Kennel Whilst on Holiday

    Dog boarding is extremely popular now due to the level of freedom it presents to you as a pet owner. It allows you to still enjoy your holidays and meet commitments whilst remaining a great dog owner. It also gives your dog a well-earned break in a dog hotel.

  • dog recall

    The Importance Of Good Recall For Your Dog

    Training Your Dog To Have Good Recall Dog training is essential to teach your pet to come to you when you call their name. This is also known as recall. It’s one of the most important things to teach your dog as soon as possible, but depending on the nature of your dog this can…

  • puppies with separation anxiety

    Lockdown Dogs & Puppies | How To Help With Separation Anxiety

    Helping Your Lockdown Puppy Break Separation Anxiety During the lockdown, the demand for dogs has skyrocketed due to more people being at home. According to Statista, over 12 and a half million people in the UK own a dog. However, unfortunately, lockdown and the pandemic have shown an increase in pet separation anxiety.