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  • Doggy Day Care

    How Does Doggy Day Care Work?

    If you’re planning a trip away and your four-legged comparison won’t be joining for the adventure, you need to know that they will be lovingly looked after in your absence

  • dog waiting for food

    What Human Food Shouldn’t Be Used As Food For Puppies?

    It can be tempting to treat your dog a little too much, just because of their cute puppy dog eyes when you’re eating. But it’s important to remember that dogs shouldn’t eat the foods that people eat as it could make them ill. Dogs need a healthy and balanced diet, which doesn’t include several foods…

  • dogs running with tennis ball in mouth

    5 Reasons To Send Your Dog To A Kennel Whilst on Holiday

    Dog boarding is extremely popular now due to the level of freedom it presents to you as a pet owner. It allows you to still enjoy your holidays and meet commitments whilst remaining a great dog owner. It also gives your dog a well-earned break in a dog hotel.

  • dog recall

    The Importance Of Good Recall For Your Dog

    Training Your Dog To Have Good Recall Dog training is essential to teach your pet to come to you when you call their name. This is also known as recall. It’s one of the most important things to teach your dog as soon as possible, but depending on the nature of your dog this can…

  • puppies with separation anxiety

    Lockdown Dogs & Puppies | How To Help With Separation Anxiety

    Helping Your Lockdown Puppy Break Separation Anxiety During the lockdown, the demand for dogs has skyrocketed due to more people being at home. According to Statista, over 12 and a half million people in the UK own a dog. However, unfortunately, lockdown and the pandemic have shown an increase in pet separation anxiety.

  • Professional dog nail clipping

    How to Restrain a Dog While Grooming

    Unless you have a dog that loves to be groomed, you probably find it quite a challenge to keep your dog still, and move it into the positions you need it to be in for grooming. How Do I Get My Dog to Hold Still While Grooming? So, if your dog is desperately trying to…

  • little brown down playing fetch the ball game

    Training Your Dog to Come When Called

    Getting a new puppy is extremely exciting. You’ll have a million cute photos to take, the perfect cuddly name to consider and with all of that going on, lots of people have a tendency to forget the really important stuff – dog training! Why Train Your Dog to Come When Called? Alongside ‘sit’ and ‘stay’,…

  • Cat on grass

    Keeping Your Cat Cool in the Summer

    Summer has arrived, and we can all experience the effects of the heat on our bodies. This is something that not only us, but also our pets, can feel. While we all make efforts to stay cool including wearing lighter clothes, and drinking cold water, our pets cannot always fend for themselves in harsh weather.…

  • Owner Exercising Golden Retriever By Throwing Ball

    Keeping Your Pooch Cool This Summer

    Any dog owner wants to keep their furry friend happy and comfortable all year round. Even in England, we’ve seen some scorching temperatures this year which means dogs could overheat. When dogs become too hot they will be uncomfortable and restless. Unfortunately, high temperatures can also cause a dog more serious side-effects, including heatstroke. With…

  • Willow - Chief Toy Tester

    Signs Your Dog is Bored and How You Can Help

    There are a few tell tale signs that you can pick up on when looking for boredom in dogs. Dogs generally become stressed and anxious when they’re bored. Their natural state is being the protector of your home and being part of ‘the pack.’ For this reason, boredom is a common issue in dogs when…