Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Every so often you may notice that your dog has decided to become a living, breathing lawnmower. Eating up sections of grass from your garden. This not only happens at home but also happens in kennels too. Technically, the feeding of dogs on grass is known as pica. This is the case where an animal feeds on what isn’t characterised as food to them. However, this behaviour is very common with dogs and most pet owners can attest to this fact. So why do the dogs often feed on the grass? This question puzzles many people who keep dogs as pets. You wonder why the dog would feed on grass, yet you feed him or her food that contains all the necessary nutrients for their well-being and for them to stay healthy. There’re a number of reasons that have been put across in a bid to explain why this is so. While there’s no sure reason for this, here are some believed to be what causes the dogs could be eating grass.

1. To relieve themselves of gastrointestinal upset

Most people have noticed at one time that their dogs sometimes eat large amounts of grass as they attempt to make themselves throw up. Whenever this occurs, it’s often almost frantic. When the dog needs to eat some grass, for this reason, they’ll start whimpering and want to be let out. Once you let them out, they’ll run and begin to eat whatever grass they come across without being choosy. After consuming large amounts of the grass, they’ll begin to exhibit behaviours indicating that they’re nauseous after which they’re likely to vomit. Whenever this happens, there should be no cause for alarm as this is a way for the dog to get rid of something that is potentially harmful to their bodies. This happens once or twice in a year just like in the case of humans. 

2. For Fun and Just because they want to

In the case where the dog eats grass to relieve itself of gastrointestinal upset, the dog will tend to eat any grass that they come across once you let them out. In this second scenario, the dog will start eating grass in a selective manner. They’ll seek out for tall and broad grasses along the fence when you let them out the back door. In this case, the dog isn’t frantic but does this with intention. He/she selects an area of the grasses to eat and then moves on. This case is entirely different. They’re eating the grass just because they want to and are just simply having fun while at it. If your dog likes to spend a large amount of time outside then why not think about getting them some luxury dog accessories like dog toys to keep them busy or a quality dog coat to keep them warm over the winter months.

3. To get nutrients that they need

Certain times, the dogs will seek out some specific grass species to feed on. This is because that grass may have some nutritional value to their bodies and the dog knows this fact. For instance, the grass has roughage or fibre in abundance. Also, the grass is high in chlorophyll and potassium as well as phytonutrients. Another benefit of these greens is that they contain good digestive enzymes. This is another reason why your dog could be eating grass. 


Dog eating grass

4. To relieve themselves of intestinal worms

When a study was carried out on chimpanzees, it was discovered that they eat lots of grass and plant materials to help them get rid of intestinal parasites and to increase the motility if their intestines. This could also be the reason why dogs would eat grass too.


There’re numerous reasons that have been put across in a bid to provide an understanding of why dogs would eat grass. However, one thing for sure is that this behaviour is not specific to certain dogs and isn’t dangerous to them. So, if you notice your dog doing it, there should be no reason for you to panic. As a matter of fact, the behaviour could be very beneficial to your canine friend. 

Dog eating grass