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Keeping Your Pooch Cool This Summer

Any dog owner wants to keep their furry friend happy and comfortable all year round. Even in England, we’ve seen some scorching temperatures this year which means dogs could overheat. When dogs become too hot they will be uncomfortable and restless. Unfortunately, high temperatures can also cause a dog more serious side-effects, including heatstroke. With the right preparation and care, however, you can ensure your dog can enjoy the sun safely.

Caring for your dog has never been easier. If you’re out during the day in the summer months, keep your pooch protected by using doggy day care services. Doggy day care services are run by people who love dogs and will treat your pooch with the same love you would. Instead of leaving your dog stuck in a stuffy house while you’re out, these services mean your pet can enjoy the sun safely.

Throughout summer days, you need to take steps to ensure your furry friend is safe and enjoying their time. There are many tips for keeping your dog cool, even in soaring temperatures. Some of the best tips may seem obvious, however, there are a few secrets we’ve discovered from looking after dogs at our doggy day care centre.

Tops Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

General Guidance

  • Lay cool damp towels down for them to relax on.
  • Encourage them to play and lie in shaded areas. Some fun in the sun is fine, but make sure they don’t spend too long unprotected from direct sunlight and the hot weather.
  • If you have garden sprinklers, put them on throughout the day to cool your pooch off.
  • Fill up a paddling pool with cool water in the shade and let your dog splash about and play in the water. This isn’t only fun and exciting for them, but it also cools them down on hot summer days.
  • When you’re inside, a smart tip is to fill a hot water bottle up with cold water. Let your dog snuggle up with this cooling device – just make sure they don’t chew it or scratch at it.

These aren’t the only top tips for caring for your dogs in hot weather. Let’s explore some key steps every dog owner should take this summer:

Plan Your Dog Walks

Your favourite usual spot for dog walks may feature beautiful scenic views and fun spots for your dog to play, but it may also have no shaded areas along the way. On a hot day, plan your walk with shaded areas in mind. 

You should also make sure your route avoids any hot surfaces as this could hurt your pooch’s paws. Walks in the early morning or late evening will be cooler and may be a better time to go if it’s a particularly hot summer’s day.

Think Of New Games

Your dog’s favourite game may be fetch. It’s fun for dog owners and their pets, but it also involves a lot of running. While walking and running keep your dog healthy and happy, in hot weather, intense exercise can cause overheating. 

Use warmer weather as an opportunity to play exciting new games with your furry best friend. A variation on fetch is hide and seek. Instead of throwing the toy for your dog to chase, hide the toy somewhere where they can sniff it out. Paddling pool games are also great for everyone in the summer as they cool everyone involved off, not only your dog.

Bring Water

Always make sure your dog has access to water on a hot summer’s day. When you’re at home, keep their bowl filled up with cool water and leave it in the shade so it doesn’t overheat. When you go out for walks, take a big water bottle with you and their bowel so you can quench their thirst along the way.

Hunter’s Lodge Doggy Day Care Services

If you’re out during the day, book your dog into doggy daycare services to ensure they’re safe and having fun while you’re out and about. At Hunter’s Lodge, our friendly team loves looking after pets and knows how to keep them safe in hot summer months. Book your furry friend into a day care service they’ll love today – get in touch on 01604 870330.