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Putting Your Cat In a Cattery: Everything You Need to Know

Putting your cat in a cattery

There are many reasons why you may need to put your cat into a cattery – the most common is going on holiday. Whilst holidays are an exciting time for you, your cat may not share that same excitement when you drop them off. Cats are creatures of habit, and just like many other animals, they thrive off routine.

In our latest blog, we discuss how you can prepare your cat for staying in a cattery, and everything you need to know before drop-off day.

What is a cattery?

You can think of a cattery as a dog kennel tailored for cats. Catteries will look after your cat for short periods when you are unable to – such as if you’re going on holiday.

Catteries should have room to house cats that are bonded in the same space to ensure they don’t experience any unnecessary upset. To ensure your pet remains as calm as possible, catteries will often encourage you to bring your pet’s own bed and any of their favourite toys in from home, so they have familiar items and scents around them during their stay.

Preparing your cat

It’s not uncommon for cats to struggle when being put into their pet carrier. Cat carriers are typically put away after use, never to be seen again by your cat until they need a trip to the vets or cattery. However, when you leave your cat carrier out, your cat can become familiar with it, and even use it as a safe space to run to when they get scared. This results in making it much easier to get your cat in the carrier when needed. If you’re tight on space and don’t feel you can leave your cat carrier out all the time, leave your pet carrier out the week before they need to go to the cattery.

Another step to take prior to dropping your cat off at a cattery is to inform the cattery of any likes and dislikes your cat has, and the type of food and routine they enjoy. A reputable cattery will accommodate your requests as far as possible, to help your cat settle whilst you’re away.

Using our cattery in Northampton

If you’re going away and want to place your cat in a safe and calm environment, speak to a member of our dedicated team today. We treat all cats that visit us as individuals and do our best to ensure they have all they need whilst you’re away. View our cattery today. Please call 01604 870330, or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch soon.