Dog afraid of groomer and being handled

What to Do If Your Dog is Afraid of the Groomer

Is your dog afraid of the groomer? Well today we will discuss the best remedies for how to help your dog overcome the fear of the groomer. There could be a few reasons for this so we will discuss a few subjects and tips for taking your dog to the groomer.

Many dogs are afraid of the groomer, and this could be for numerous reasons such as previous bad experiences, unfamiliar surroundings or simply being overwhelmed by all the new sights, sounds and smells.

Tips if Your Dog is Afraid of the Groomer

Get Your Dog Used to Being Handled

If you’re dog is afraid of the groomer, the first thing to consider is whether they like being handled. If it’s the first time your dog is being handled by a stranger then it is more common for them to be nervous or overwhelmed. When training the puppy from young try and get it used to being handled, picked up etc. This will make it less out of the ordinary for the dog on its visits to the groomer and they may not be as scared when the process begins

Make the Groomers a Happy Place to Visit

Incentivise the dog by making the groomers a positive place to be, this may be by offering treats in the car, giving the dog attention throughout the process if you’re allowed to stay and rewarding the dog after for good behaviour in the groomers. All these steps make it easier for the dog to become more familiar with its surroundings. 

Dog getting groomed

Start Grooming Young

By grooming the dog when it’s younger, it will become more familiar with the sounds, sights and smells of the equipment they may be using at the groomers. Again, this gets the dog more familiar with these surroundings and hopefully allows the dog to settle in when you take them to the groomers.

Calming Supplements

Natural calming supplements can work very well to calm the anxiousness or nerves of the pup throughout. Digestive supplements such as L-Theanine help to calm your dog before your appointment. It can take up to 6 weeks to get the full effect so you should begin your dog on this before your appointment.

Choose a Groomer Who is Experienced With Working With Fearful Dogs

Choose your groomer carefully. Not all groomers are the same and some have more experience than others with certain types of dogs. Do some research into local groomers to see what experience they have and what reviews they have got from other dog owners. Some groomers have very good reviews and a good reputation for handling dogs with anxiety. Hunters Lodge is equipped to work with all types of difficult dogs and we would be more than happy to meet your furry friend.

Make the Experience Positive 

A good idea for making the groomers a positive experience would be to offer them their favourite treats or let them play and get some energy out before any grooming begins. For example:

  • Let them have a big walk or a runaround before your appointment, this allows them to destress and get any energy out so they feel more calm during the visit
  • Give them their favourite treat, much like with humans this releases dopamine into their brain which is a happiness hormone, this may allow them to feel more relaxed.

Be patient With Your Dog 

Be patient with your dog, it won’t be overnight that they overcome their fear of the groomers. Allow the dog to settle in the surroundings and be consistent with any training you are trying to complete. Eventually your dog will learn to associate the groomer with positive experiences.

Why Is Your Dog Afraid of the Groomer?

Loud Noises 

Many dogs are afraid of loud noises such as fireworks, loud cars and grooming tools can be one of these things. The clippers or the dryer can be loud on your dogs sensitive ears. If your dog is afraid of loud noises talk to your groomer about using quieter equipment if possible.

New Surroundings 

The groomers shop can be a very different environment for the dog outside their home. The new smells, sounds and sights can be very overwhelming for a dog that is not used to this. It is recommended to talk to your groomer about bringing them in for consistent and continual short visits in order to get them comfortable around the facility before any grooming begins

Being Handled 

Some dogs are afraid of being handled by strangers. This could be because of past experiences or just new experiences for the dog. You can discuss this with your groomer about using positive reinforcement. This means using treats, words and physical touch; such as stroking, to reward good behaviour in the dog. There are many techniques the groomer may know to calm the dog in these situations.

Choose Hunters Lodge for Your Dog Grooming in Northampton 

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