Dog getting groomed.

Dog Grooming Tips for Assistance and Career Dogs

While many dogs enjoy a life of luxury as our best friends, others do go out to work just like we do. There are police dogs, drug detection dogs, and assistance dogs, to name a few. And it’s our job to make sure they look their best while they’re out on the job and also ensure that they’re clean and comfortable. A dog that doesn’t feel comfortable may be distracted and this could affect their work. Dog grooming at a professional salon is essential to keep them looking their best. But there are also some tasks that you will need to keep on top of at home too. 

Perform Regular Brushing

Depending on the breed, regular brushing is essential. It removes any dead hair and skin cells, helping a new, healthy coat to grow. It also removes any potential knots in their coat which could cause discomfort, and allows them to shed their winter coat properly to keep cool in the summer. 

Oral Hygiene

Dogs need to brush their teeth just like us. If their teeth and gums aren’t healthy, it could lead to gum disease, which can mean that your dog feels pain or discomfort when eating and may eventually lose some teeth. 

There are lots of dog chews out there that your dog will love after a long, hard day’s work. These are designed to clean their teeth. There are also gum washes and specific toys and toothpaste for dogs to encourage them to chew and clean their teeth at the same time. 

Ear Care

You should regularly pluck the hair from your dog’s ears. This might seem mean, but it helps them to hear a little better – which is sometimes essential for their jobs. And it means that the hair doesn’t attract dirt and infection. You should keep a close eye on your dog’s ears and regularly clean them if they start to look a little clogged. 

Emergency Washes at Home

Although your groomer will do an amazing job, sometimes it’s not practical to wait until their next haircut to get a bath. Dogs that work outdoors may be especially muddy at the end of the day. 

To keep your dog clean, try to give them a bath every couple of weeks. Some dogs even love the thought of a long shower. Find a good quality shampoo that works for you and your dog. It’s best to do a patch test on their skin first to make sure they aren’t allergic. Although, there are lots of natural shampoos out there. 

Then rinse them with the shower, apply shampoo and conditioner, and rinse off thoroughly, just like washing your own hair. 

Professional Grooming with Hunters Lodge

At Hunter’s Lodge, we specialise in putting your dog first. We provide full dog grooming in Milton Keynes and Northampton in a bespoke package with options for a bath, cut and nail trim – all for a reasonable price. And above all else, we’ll make sure your dog has a great time too. 
If your dog is in need of a spa day, contact us today to book your dog’s bespoke grooming package.