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What Human Food Shouldn’t Be Used As Food For Puppies?

It can be tempting to treat your dog a little too much, just because of their cute puppy dog eyes when you’re eating. But it’s important to remember that dogs shouldn’t eat the foods that people eat as it could make them ill. Dogs need a healthy and balanced diet, which doesn’t include several foods that most of us enjoy.

The Importance Of Knowing What Your Dogs Can & Can’t Eat

Selecting the right dog food is very important to keep your dog’s health and fitness levels up. There are lots of foods that are toxic to dogs that are completely harmless to humans without specific allergies.

Dry dog food contains all the nutrients that they need to stay healthy and dog treats provide that little extra snack as a reward. Your dog will be completely happy with these options and you should avoid trying to go beyond these as you could end up causing them to gain weight or potentially cause health problems.

Even though you might love to treat your dog, you should avoid feeding them the food we’ve listed below. Remember, there are plenty of dog-friendly treats that they will love just as much and will help keep them healthy too. 

Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dogs

Although it’s advisable to avoid giving human food to dogs altogether, some items are labelled as toxic when it comes to food for puppies.

Chives, Garlic & Onions

These can cause damage to the red blood cells and anaemia in dogs and can irritate the intestines. If they ingest garlic or onions regularly, it could cause longer-term digestion issues.

Macadamia Nuts

You should avoid all nuts when feeding your dog, but macadamia nuts in particular can cause vomiting, tremors and are even a trigger for depression in dogs.

Grapes & Raisins 

Grapes and raisins contain an acidic substance that is lethal to a dog’s kidneys and can trigger kidney failure. Although a very small amount can be rectified if caught quickly, it can cause immediate symptoms if they digest a lot and maybe fatal.

Coconut (Including Coconut Oil)

If your puppy eats coconut or drinks coconut milk it may cause diarrhoea for around 48 hours afterwards. If the symptoms continue after this, you may need to take a trip to the vet.


Chocolate, made from cocoa beans, contains methylxanthines. Even small amounts of chocolate can be toxic to dogs, causing vomiting and diarrhoea. This could also lead to dehydration and an abnormal heart rhythm and seizures. If they ingest lots of chocolate it could even be fatal to your dog.


Caffeine causes similar effects for dogs as humans, except they’re much more severe. They may experience a faster heart rhythm leading to seizures. If your dog has had access to coffee and begins to show signs of hyperactivity, you should make sure they drink plenty of water and book in to see the vet as soon as possible.


Avocado is not good for your dog, even though it’s great for humans. It can cause swelling in the stomach and chest cavity, leading to respiratory issues.

Contact Your Vet Today If You Have Any Concerns Or Questions

If you’re worried that your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t have then you should contact your vet straight away for a consultation and advice.

How Hunters Lodge Can Help

Here at Hunters Lodge, we’re committed to giving your dog the best experience while they’re away from home, so we aim to provide a nutritious and healthy diet for your pet throughout their stay. Give us a call on 01604 870330 to find out more today.