Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect Dog Photo

Dogs, an addition to our family that we love and adore. We all understand the struggles of trying to get that Instagram worthy picture of our furry friends, they wiggle, they run, and they like to chase after the neighbour’s cat. The idea is to keep the situation relaxed and calm, not to run, grab all the treats and throw the camera in their face. This will only make the situation more difficult to control and you’ll end with a photo of your dog’s back legs in a blurry mess. But not to worry, we are here to help. Here are our top tips & tricks for getting those perfect pictures of your dog.


Turn Off the Flash

Stick with natural light. Flashes can be extremely difficult to work with, especially when it comes to dark-haired dogs. The best time to take your photos would be morning or evening outside, trying to avoid direct sunlight if possible. Exposure issues and shadows can appear when trying to take photos in direct sunlight. If you’re taking photos inside, make sure all blinds and curtains are drawn open to allow the natural light to flood the room. If your picture is still appearing dark, use your light adaptation options on your phone camera, increasing the brightness of the photo. Another great option is to adapt the photo after taking, as we all know that the time gap to get that perfect photo is minuscule.

Calm Energy and Presence

An animal can sense when an individual is scared. Approach any dog with calm energy and presence. First off, when taking photos of your beloved dog we know that the animal has to sit still without feeling nervous. The calmer you are the calmer the dog will be to sit in front of a camera.  

Take lots of Pictures

Whether you are taking the photos on your smartphone or on a camera, it’s important to remember to take as many photos as you can. Don’t just focus on the one perfect photo, this will just leave you in disappointment when the photo ends up blurry or the dog is looking in the wrong direction. The majority of smartphones now have a special feature called “Burst Mode” on the cameras, this allows you to take as many photos as you wish by holding down the photo button on your phone. Give it a go! You’re then able to go through and select the photos you wish to keep. It’s easy peasy!

Enlist some Help

Does your dog have a favourite toy? Why not rope them into keeping your dog’s attention whilst you get the perfect picture. Remember though this may excite your dog and cause them to start bouncing around, use burst mode to increase your chances of that perfect picture. Make photographing your dog fun and happy. Walk around with the dog getting different vantage points. Even get a few photos of the dog jumping in the air to catch a toy.

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