puppies with separation anxiety

Lockdown Dogs & Puppies | How To Help With Separation Anxiety

Helping Your Lockdown Puppy Break Separation Anxiety

During the lockdown, the demand for dogs has skyrocketed due to more people being at home. According to Statista, over 12 and a half million people in the UK own a dog. However, unfortunately, lockdown and the pandemic have shown an increase in pet separation anxiety.

Should your puppy or dog shows signs of separation anxiety, it’s essential to try and resolve it as soon as possible. Staying at home with your dog continuously can aid in making the situation worse. Seeing your vet straight away is the best way to diagnose the suspected problem. 

A vet will be able to tell if the issue is anxiety or if it could be an underlying health problem. Be sure to tell your vet of any unusual behaviours your dog is demonstrating which weren’t there before. The vet should be able to tell straight away by these signs if it’s separation anxiety.

What Is Separation Anxiety & What Are the Signs?

Separation anxiety can easily be identified. Be on the lookout for these signs:

● Always make a run for the door when you are about to leave.

● Noticeable whimpering when you are leaving.

● Hugging the door that you left through.

● Pacing.

● Chewing or destroying household items.

● Unusually reactive barking or sensitive to noises that normally wouldn’t bother your pet.

puppies destroying home as they have separation anxiety

How To Tackle Separation Anxiety

If it turns out to be separation anxiety, now’s the time to create a plan. If you are stuck at home due to the pandemic or working from home on a long-term basis, it may seem like a great idea to spend all your time with your dog. Doing so, however, can change your dog’s perception of what home life is all about. It will start to believe you will always be around.

To get your puppy or dog over separation anxiety, you should be spending more time away from your pet. You can use a place in your home to create an area where your pet can spend time alone. Be sure your pet has plenty of water and a comfort toy before beginning this process.

When returning home from a shopping trip or when you have been at work, keep greetings simple. Don’t overstimulate your pet by making it feel like a massive deal. Dogs react to your feelings and if they feel it’s a big event, they will remember this.

Day Care

Daycare for dogs is becoming extremely popular because of the pandemic. Dog owners can drop off their pets to play with others and allow them to go wild. It’s a great way of letting them release energy and make them more social dogs.

Hunters Lodge is a Milton Keynes doggy daycare centre, and we have plenty of experience running a great service. There are 9.5 acres of land for your furry friend to enjoy and spend plenty of time socialising.

Doggy daycare services are also popular as most of the time you don’t have to stay with your pet. It allows them to clear any effects of separation anxiety by spending more time with other dogs.

Consider giving Hunters Lodge a call on 01604 870330 or head over to our contact page for more information on how to get your dog booked in for a great time at doggy daycare.