What Should You Feed Your Cat?

Cats are very lovely pets that we keep at our homes and we love them dearly. Just like all the other pets, they need to be fed in the right way and on the right kind of diet to stay healthy and strong. Since we love them so much, we don’t want to feed them food that is likely to damage their health. Therefore, we must take a lot of care in what we feed them.

What cats eat

They need to be fed on animal protein for optimum health. For this reason, it’s always advisable to choose commercial cat food that’s of high quality and is appropriate for the cat’s health and age. As such, it may be necessary to talk to your veterinarian before choosing what your cat should be fed on. The veterinarian can check your cat’s health status and make sure that the cat is being fed the right food.

There’s no problem in feeding the cat on a commercial wet or dry food but you can also offer them variety in the diet by feeding them scraps of meat. A lot of them love to eat fish but they shouldn’t be fed fish daily as it has high fatty acid levels. The high levels of fatty acid in the fish can cause vitamin E deficiency in pets as well as other conditions that are painful.

How much food is necessary for cats?

The amount of a cat requires will be dictated by a number of factors. The main factors include size, age and weight. Hence, it’s a bad idea to feed the cat based on how someone else feeds their cat. Also, don’t just feed them without knowing the three factors and how they relate to the amount of food the cat needs. Without taking care of the amount of food your cat eats, you may end up overfeeding them and they could become obese, leading to a shorter life span.

The relationship between food and the age of the cat

Kittens are still growing their joints and bones. This makes it very crucial to feed them on the right diet. Kittens need to be fed on premium commercial, high-quality kitten food. However, for the purposes of variety,  pieces of meat can be provided as well.

Adult cats should also be fed on premium commercial foods of high quality. The package of the food should have an indication of the age bracket for which the food is meant. Cooked or fresh fish or meat can also be offered to adult cats for variety.

Senior cats may have issues relating to their health due to old age. If they’re given the wrong diet, they can be adversely affected. It’s advisable to give them a wet diet which is cooked, canned or fresh since this increases the amount of fluid they take in.

Cat eating

Foods to avoid feeding cats

It’s advisable to stick to the food that has been recommended to suit your cat. Examples of what to avoid giving the cat include raisins/sultanas, grapes, chocolate, onions, coffee or caffeinated products, bread dough, avocado, nuts, fruit stones, fruits seeds, corncobs, tomatoes, milk and other products of dairy, and mushrooms.

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