Playing with your cat

Playing With Your Cat: Why Is It Important?

Playing with your cat is essential to improve their quality of life. Physical activity keeps them happy and healthy and will bring you closer together with your feline companion. 

Cats are usually labelled as loners who keep themselves to themselves (unless food is involved of course) – but that’s not always the case. If you develop a bond with your cat and learn to play in the right way, playing with your cat can have a whole range of benefits. 

Playing With Your Cat is Great Physical Exercise

When cats play, they often run around, jump and use all of their muscles. This is great physical exercise to keep them fit and healthy – which is important for most pets, not just cats.

Provide All Important Stimulation by Playing With Your Cat

Cat toys are specifically designed to help replicate a cat’s natural behaviour. They will have toys that look like small animals to chase and cat trees to climb, just as they would outside. 

These toys stimulate their natural behaviours and mean that they’re happier as their instincts to chase and catch prey are satisfied. Stimulating your cat in this way will mean that they’re more content overall. 

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It Strengthens the Bond Between Cat and Owner

Cat toys are an excellent way to interact with your cat and build the relationship you have with them. If you can play with your cat in a way that they understand, they will see you as one of their family. It’s recommended you should spend at least 15-20 minutes per day playing with your cat. 

Playing With Your Cat May Help With Behavioural Issues

Behavioural issues are most common in indoor cats. This is because they have less opportunity to replicate their natural behaviours and follow their instincts. If your cat doesn’t have the chance to climb trees and wear down their claws naturally, then they will likely try to do this on your furniture. 

Playing with your cat can protect your furniture, as it keeps your cat’s mind busy and presents toys that they are allowed to use for those purposes. It keeps the focus away from your sofa arms. 

It Helps to Make Your Cat More Social

Cats are known to be unsociable in nature. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Social behaviours can be learned by encouraging your cat to play with you. This makes socialising with people a positive experience for them, meaning they are more likely to be friendly around you and your guests in future, with the expectation that they will gain something positive from it. 

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