Cat on grass

Keeping Your Cat Cool in the Summer

Summer has arrived, and we can all experience the effects of the heat on our bodies. This is something that not only us, but also our pets, can feel. While we all make efforts to stay cool including wearing lighter clothes, and drinking cold water, our pets cannot always fend for themselves in harsh weather. Without our help, our beloved pets can start feeling too hot and potentially suffer from a heatstroke, which can be fatal. It is important not to overlook the wellbeing of our pets in the heat. But how can we help them regulate their body temperature?

Cold Food and Drinks

Keep your cat meat in the fridge. This will help lower their internal body temperature and give them a refreshing sensation while eating. You can also treat your cat to cat-friendly ice lollies, which you can simply make by freezing some chicken stock or tuna brine.


You can think of fun ways to add cold elements to playtime. For instance, ice cubes can be very entertaining for cats as they can chase them gliding along your hard flooring. This is particularly helpful as cats lose and absorb heat through their paws. Just make sure you clean up the melted ice afterwards!

Keep Your Cat Indoors

It is best to keep your cat indoors or at least in sheltered areas during the hot summer days. Direct sun exposure can greatly affect your furry friend and contribute significantly to increasing their body heat

Cooling Beds and Mats

As cats are notorious for disliking water, a cold shower or paddling pool isn’t typically an option to help them cool down. A great alternative to a cold shower is a cooling bed or mat. You can find a wide range of cooling beds available, making it easy to place them in all of your cat or kitten’s favourite areas. You can even use ice packs to add to the cooling effect.

Wet and Cold Towels

Keep a few small blankets in your fridge and give them to your cat throughout the day for an instant cold hit. The cooling effect will be even greater if you dampen the blankets before putting them in the fridge. If you do not have the time or space to cool the blankets in your fridge, a simple wet towel will still provide some relief to your cat.

Summer Fur

Excess fur traps heat and can increase the effects of the heat as your cat struggles to regulate their body temperature. Longer-haired cats should therefore be groomed to get rid of excess fur and matting.

Water Bowls

Leave several water bowls around your home and replenish them regularly with fresh, cold water. This will allow your cat or kitten to have easy access to cold water and remind them to drink regularly.

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