Wow – What A Great Kennel And Staff! Highly Recommended

We have returned to England after over 10 years of living in the USA. I had spent the last 3 months researching and viewing kennels in various parts of England. I was particularly looking for a kennel that let dogs run and play together in open spaces instead of keeping them separated for their entire stay. Finally, I found Hunters Lodge, THANK GOODNESS. Rocky is spoilt and is well loved at home and with all our friends and neighbours which is why I spent so much time and effort trying to find something close to what he had in the USA.

I boarded my dog Rocky with Hunters Lodge for nearly 10 days after booking him in for a one night trial previous to our holiday.

I just picked up my dog Rocky from Hunters Lodge after his ten day visit. Whilst driving in he was in the field having his walk – although he was really hapy to see me – he was unhappy to leave! He was scratching the door on the way out so I stopped the car at the top of the drive to check if he wanted water before I started the drive home and opened the door to give him water and he wanted to escape from the car to run back into the field and back to Richard!!!

Rocky has never ever done this, he has always been good once in the car even with the door open he will sit and wait on the seat. So I know that Rocky had a blast here, he ran and played with lots of other dogs on his daily extra walk – thank goodness for this as he managed to loose a few pounds while staying here, as he was a bit over weight.

Thanks Richard for taking such great care of Rocky while we were away on holiday. He will be back on our next trip.

Sumi & Tina 14 April 2009

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