Richard & Jane – We wanted to thank you for the very special care you have given Mystic, our four year old highly strung and extremely nervous Labrador.

When we first came to you at the end of last year Mystic had never been in kennels and we were very worried about how you would manage with her, as she is not only scared of any stranger she meets but is also scared of other dogs! Her fear manifests itself into a ferocious bark which intimidates most people she comes into contact with.

As you know we brought her out to meet you before booking her in for her first stay (just a couple of nights) and we were delighted to see how confident you were with her – despite her vocal attempts to tell you she wasn’t pleased to meet you!!

After a couple of weekend stays we’ve just been away on a two week holiday. Despite still being nervous of anybody new she meets we were delighted to see that Mystic happily accepted being dropped off with yourselves. She trotted off to her kennel without a backwards glance.

Your patience with the manic owners is greatly appreciated too. We always like to phone and check that she’s settling in okay and you are always so kind and let us know that she’s doing well. Imagine our great joy and surprise during this last visit when we phoned to check on her progress and you told us she had been out running and playing with your own dogs. But she’s scared of other dogs!!! Could this really be our dog!!! We think you’re secretly turning into the Dog Whisperer.

When we came to collect her it was wonderful to see how much she’d bonded with you Richard. We could see she was having difficulty deciding who she wanted to be with most, you or us. We recommend your kennels to everyone and anyone we know. We’re able to go away knowing Mystic’s being well looked after, getting loads of lovely walks and making new friends (something she normally finds very difficult).

Since coming home we’ve notice a change in her demeanour as we now have a calmer, happier dog living with us.

Thank you so much for the care you always show. We’ll be in touch soon as we know how much Mystic benefits from her stays with you.

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One Response to Mystic

  1. Jon Summerly says:

    Hi Richard,

    Just a quick thank you for looking after Summer and Lemoney, my two twin black Labrador puppy’s whilst I was on holiday,

    I would have say they must have enjoyed the stay at Hunter’s lodge judging by the wagging of the tails on collection !.

    I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family and the girls will be back to see you again in the future for sure !.

    All the best
    Jon Summerly

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