Maxie and Sweep on holiday at Hunters Lodge












Just to thank you and the staff for your kind attention shown to our dogs yet again during our recent holiday.

It is reassuring to see the dogs wagging their tails, yet again, on the way in!

This, as you know, is at least the fourth time that we have used you, and as yet we have had no reason for complaint. The dogs will be looking forward to the next break in 5 weeks time!

As an extra, we thought that we had found brilliant kennels before (which in true fairness we had, at ‘Kayla’ near Stowe at Buckingham) and the dogs seemed to enjoy going there but for us it was too far and we were reluctant to change ‘cos as you are aware we are frequent travellers abroad and apart from cheap flights,the dogs come a close second!

What impressed us this last time was that when we opened the back of the car your mum came out from the house and the dogs ran to her as if they had just found a long lost friend! BUT!! When we went ito the office, Maxie heard your voice on the phone (even though she could not have seen you by then) and went barmy!!!!

Thanks, once again,

Anne and Pete Jones

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