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How to Restrain a Dog While Grooming

Unless you have a dog that loves to be groomed, you probably find it quite a challenge to keep your dog still, and move it into the positions you need it to be in for grooming.

How Do I Get My Dog to Hold Still While Grooming?

So, if your dog is desperately trying to escape you when you’re trying to give them a fresh new look, you could consider a pet grooming restraint.

Home Dog Grooming

A home kit will consist of a special lead that slips over your dog and prevents them from backing away too far. Once the dog gets used to the treatments, they will generally start to settle down, especially when encouraged with treats.

Salon Dog Grooming

A professional pet grooming restraint will be a bit different. You still get the lead, but it will be attached to a raised platform that your dog stands on whilst the groomer does their work. This provides easy access and prevents any potential cuts or slippages to ensure your pooch gets the correct style and is comfortable during the process.

How Do You Groom an Uncooperative Dog?

If you don’t wish to use one of these types of tools and your dog isn’t the type to let you get close to it for anything, never mind a haircut, you may be asking yourself ‘how do I get my dog to hold still?’ This is the same as anything else you have taught your dog, whether that is how to sit or heel.

First, introduce the dog to the clippers at a range until they are comfortable with the tool operating close to them. Afterwards, reward your dog with their favourite treats. If you’ve managed to get this part nailed down, move on to the next stage. Come closer to the fur with the clippers. Once you manage a small amount of fur, reward again with treats. Dogs are intelligent creatures and will soon realise that being calm and understanding pays off.

Even if you invest enough time into training your pooch, however, you still need to know how to groom them. It takes skill and hours of practice to groom your dog properly. This is why taking your dog to a professional grooming service is the preferred option for many dog owners. They can take the time to make your furry friend feel comfortable and ensure they’re looking their best.

Hunter’s Lodge

Of course, you want to keep your pooch looking fabulous but remember to do it safely. If you’re not an experienced dog groomer, you should reach out to professionals. They will have the right pet grooming restraint, clippers and scissors, and the skills to get your dog’s coat looking fantastic.

Dogs can feel anxious and under pressure when being groomed. A professional groomer can make this a pleasant experience for your dog, especially due to them seeing other dogs as well. Taking your dog to a professional service not only ensures your pet leaves looking stylish but their happiness and comfort too.

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