Dog grooming

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost in the UK?

As well as making sure your dog is healthy in terms of them having good food and plenty of exercise, it’s also important to make sure they are properly groomed. Not only does this maintain an immaculate appearance, but it helps keep them healthy by removing any dirt or nasty bacteria on your dog’s skin or fur. Professional dog grooming is vital to guard against anything your pet might encounter on their daily walk in the mud!

But with some breeds requiring grooming almost monthly, how much does this cost a dog owner?

Like most expenses that dog owners will be familiar with, the price of dog grooming can vary significantly depending on the size of your dog.  Whether they are long or short haired will also impact the price of the treatment. This is to ensure that your dog gets the perfect grooming to keep them looking spick and span!

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Cost Guidelines UK

A good kennel will offer enough grooming services to ensure your dog is looked after from head to toe, our Nail Trimming service starts at £6, our Bath and Groom Only service starts at £18, and those wanting a complete ‘Bathe and Clip’ service, this starts at £42.

 For the ‘Bath and Groom Only’ service the pricing (including VAT) is as follows:

Short Haired dogs – Small £18, Medium £24, and Large £42

Long Haired Dogs – Small £30, Medium £42, Large £60, and Extra Large £72

For the ‘Bathe and Clip’ service the pricing (including VAT) is as follows:

Small £42, Medium £48, Large £54, and Extra Large £72

For the ‘Hand Strip’ service (for wire haired dogs) the pricing (including VAT) is as follows:

Small £48 and Medium £54

What Does Dog Grooming Involve?

Each essential step of a full dog grooming includes everything to leave your dog clean, comfortable, and looking good:

  • First, their hair is brushed to remove any dirt or tangles. Dogs who shed a lot will often require stripping, where all this excess dead hair is removed. This may cost extra.
  • The hair is then washed with warm water and a shampoo and conditioner suited to your dog’s hair type or any skin conditions.
  • If necessary, their hair will be trimmed, for example around the dog’s face to avoid matting and excessive knots.
  • Depending on how patient the little client is, their hair will be styled to give a finishing touch to the newly squeaky-clean hair.
  • Their ears will be cleaned to avoid infection, remove any excess product, and pluck untidy hairs.
  • If needed, nails can be clipped as an optional extra.
  • A mouth freshener will be used to leave your dog feeling minty fresh as well as perfectly clean and hygienic.
Dog grooming

All these treatments are essential for the health and maintenance of your dog. Even for pets who feel nervous being groomed, a professional will be equipped to keep them calm resulting in a satisfied dog, wagging their tail!
For more details on our grooming services click here. Alternatively to book an appointment, contact us by filling in a form, or calling 01604 870330.