A Pet passport is an official document that allows the travelling of pets, along with its owner into different countries. If the rules and regulations are followed, this document will contain everything that is needed to stop any investigations into the pet, as well as other protocols while travelling.

Pet passports are very widely used document, and are a must when travelling with pets in the European Union. If you are living in the UK or entering the UK from another country, the presence of this document is required otherwise you can not enter or leave the country without the correct documentation, the same applies with standard passports. In order to have a pet passport for your pet, for you to travel around to different countries, it is important to know some of the basic information about it. 

Information in Pet Passports

Customs officers check these pet passports to ensure whether you are the owner or not, and either you are travelling with your pet legally or illegally. Usually, in the UK veterinarians help to create this pet passport. You can easily enter other countries with the use of this registered and authentic passport.

The general information, it will contain follows as below. But, keep one thing in mind that the information section varies with a few alterations from country to country, each holding certain specific requirements.

  • Annex and APHIS forms for the country you want to visit with your pet. These forms are filled and completed by veterinarians.
  • Inoculation report of the pet. This report explains the vaccinations which your pet has received and what the vaccinations cover. 
  • A health certificate to show the overall health of your pet.
  • The name of the owner and pet.

If you are not a UK resident and want to visit the UK, then in addition to the above mentioned, you must also have a tapeworm treatment recorded 24 hours before, and the test report for it. Also, a sanitary certificate and any and all import permits. Lastly, your pet has to be microchipped before entering the UK.

The Purpose of Pet Passports

Rabies and other health issues are the main concern for government authorities and why pet passports are in place for when people are travelling with their pets. As pets can act as carriers of disease, no government likes to take the risks of foreign disease spreading at any cost. 

The basic purpose of a pet passport is to show border control customs officer, that your pet is not a carrier of a disease, and that they have a clean health certificate. It will not only help others, but also help you to keep your pet safe and healthy by eliminating the risk of infection from other pets.

Tips For Travelling With Pets

Travelling with pets is not an easy task. Not all pets like travelling, but there are numerous ways to help make the trip easier for your pet, from grooming to their bed.

Below are some tips that can help make yours and your pets journey a more comfortable and easier journey.

  • Try training your pet and getting them used to their travel crate and means of transport. This will help to lower the anxiety of your pet and improve their behaviour.
  • Buy the right sized box, crate or other carrying device and make it a comfortable environment for your pet with their own bed and things they enjoy. This will minimise their stress and anxiety levels, while also giving room for them to move and stretch.
  • Do not overfeed your pet. This can cause them to feel uncomfortable and rises the chance of them becoming travel sick.
  • Give a relaxing walk to your pet. This will relax their muscles as well as get rid of extra energy. This will help them throughout a long journey by making them tired and relaxed.
  • Do not mix your pet with other animals while travelling, if you have an option. Having other pets, and different pets, can scare as well as give your pet anxiety.


Travelling with pets can be fun and easy if you follow the right steps and protocols, to look after both yourself and your pet. There are some must-do steps that you need to follow before travelling as well as on the return from travelling. A pet passport is a great thing to allow you to travel with your pet, it also ensures the health and safety of your pet, through the protocols outlined, when travelling.

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