We have been using Hunters Lodge for a year or so now. Callie is a rehomed dog so we were nervous of kenneling her at first, but once we’d had a visit to see the facilities Richard suggested we book Callie in for a short stay to allow her to get to know the kennels and staff before we left her for any length of time.

Callie was a little unsettled at first but soon bonded with Richard and the staff – when I go to collect her now it’s clear that she’s in two minds as to whether she wants to come home!

In addition to so clearly making any stay a holiday for the dogs involved, Hunters Lodge are unrivalled in their dealings with us. As many people do, we have very busy lives and I frequently forget if I have booked Callie in for any given date, what time I said I’d drop her off or collect her and what times the kennels are open. Richard fields my emails quickly and without any trace of irritation at such a disorganised dog owner! Twice he has been able to fit Callie in at late notice without any fuss or extra admin charge.

On top of all of this, the prices are very reasonable and include food if you wish (we supply our own as Callie has a sensitive stomach and as with everything else this is accomplished with no fuss or added charge despite the extra work this involves for the kennels).

We cannot commend Hunters Lodge highly enough and we’re certain Callie feels the same!

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2 Responses to Callie

  1. Sheila dawkins says:

    This is our first visit,we left Toby and Jessie,for a 5 day stay,and pleased to say they seem like they enjoyed it at hunters lodge.they came out very happy.thank you for looking after them so well.

  2. Chris says:

    We have boarded our 2 spaniels with Richard and his family for many years and I’m ashamed to say that only just written this review. Our dogs are so well cared for and excersised that they get excited now just going up the driveway! They know exactly where they are going and trot off quite-happily when we arrive at reception. No good bye to us don’t write don’t phone we are forgotten until we return which is just how it should be. All in all we can go away knowing that our dogs are in the best possible hands. We are moving down to Dorset soon and I will continue to use Hunters Lodge to board them. We had a family emergency last week and they found room for them at short notice. Can’t thank you enough guys
    Chris and Simon

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