This Is The Most Dog And Dog Owner Orientated Kennels You Will Ever Find!

We had an unusual situation with our mother suffering a stroke and became hospitalised, and we were unable to care for her dog. Her deerhound, Bonnie, was only ever used to mum – and we didn’t know what to do. Deerhounds are big dogs – and we were dealing with that, 5 cats and mum’s care at the same time. We didn’t know how long the situation was going to last.

We found Hunters Lodge on an internet site – and Richard and Jane and the team at Hunters Lodge went way beyond our expectations. Bonnie was in their care for a number of weeks, and we visited him for walks to check on his welfare. Whilst Bonnie was pleased to see us, it was clear that Richard had become his new friend. Just the sight of Bonnie’s eye light up when Richard stroked him or even looked at him, were enough to tell you that this is a very special place to leave your dog. Bonnie definately didn’t want to leave and our situation ended up with us having to permanently rehome Bonnie.

Richard and Jane were so caring and sympathetic to our situation – and Bonnie’s changing situation – that the transition was better than you could have ever hoped for. If you care about your dog, this is the best place in the world that you could leave a much loved pet.
Tina Quelch 25 April 2009

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