Benefits of Having Your Dogs Groomed by Professionals

Every dog owner understands just how important it is to have their pups groomed regularly. However, some people opt to do the job of grooming the dogs themselves right at home. While this may have a positive financial implication to the dog owner, it may not be the best choice for the dog. You’re probably not an expert when it comes to dog grooming, unless, of course, you’re a professional dog groomer. There are so many benefits associated with having your dog groomed by a professional. Not only does it make your pup look great, but it also ensures that they stay healthy. Here are the reasons why you should head to the professional for dog grooming:

1. Healthy Grooming

Professionals know just how to carry out grooming on your dog without exposing them to any health risks or injuries. On the other hand, when you groom by yourself, you risk hurting the pup by inflicting cuts and causing irritations and scratching on them. The professional is, however, able to inspect your pup thoroughly for any thorns, punctures or cuts and apply the necessary medication to prevent any infections.


2.  Nail Trimming Without Trouble

Once every month, the dog’s nails need to be trimmed. As every dog owner would confess, nail trimming is a dreadful task. The canines don’t enjoy the process of nail trimming and you risk cutting their nails too short. A professional, on the other hand, knows just how to make the pup cooperate and all the nails will be cut to the required height.


3. Professional Hair Cut

Some dog breeds have hair that is constantly growing. These dogs, like Poodles, will always need to have their ever-growing hairs to be cut down neatly. A professional dog groomer knows just how to cut your dog’s hair to make them look nice until the next visit.


4.  Appropriate Supplies for Grooming

Not unlike humans, every dog has different needs. A short-haired dog will require different supplies for grooming than those with long hair. To avoid any irritations, the professional knows this and will use the most appropriate supplies to groom your dog without causing them any problems. They know just which brush your dog needs.


5.  Relaxing Massage

Without the knowledge of your dog’s muscles groups, you won’t be able to provide them with an enjoyable massage for relaxation. When done appropriately, there are many benefits to dog massage: it stimulates the circulatory system of the dog and reduces stress.

Professional dog nail clipping

6.  Helps in the Early Detection of Warning Signs

A professional dog groomer is able to detect signs of health problems on your dog before it’s too late. Since they know the anatomy of dogs, they’re able to notice skin discolouration, lumps, skin lesions, rashes, bleeding, gum discolouration and bald patches before they become serious illnesses.


7. Detection of Parasites

Professional dog groomers are able to tell early when your pup has any parasites. They check for fleas in their coats, for mites in the ears and for other parasites that you may not be able to see. The right control measure can be taken before they cause problems to your dog.


8.  Provides the Dog Owner with Valuable Tips

A professional is able to tell exactly what your dog is in need to improve their quality of life. They can make recommendations of the right diet for your dog and advise on the kind of oils to apply on your dog’s coat.

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